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Need People

Check out this website and see if you would like to join.

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You don't have to join but I ask you to check it out and if you do like it then join. There are fun threads and competitions to participate in as well as good blogs to read....

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Living in the Shadows Vol. 2: Lance Stephenson


Lance Stephenson was one of the more touted recruits. He had big time programs after him and was one of the top talents. He dominated in high school games and showed incredible competitiveness. In fact, he is the all-time leading scorer of New York. Questions then started to surface to due the fact that he hadn't made a decision and some of those top programs stopped recruiting him. He started having off the court problems and got the rep of a bad teammate and a problem for his team. He was known for having bad chemistry. Also a sexual assault charge came up which halted his recruitment. Almost all teams stopped recruiting him and he couldn't make a decision. There was the question whether he'd even play Division 1 basketball.



Since he couldn't get a scholarship from Kansas (Xavier Henry took the 13th which is the limit) we thought he was done. That's when Cincinnati stepped in and offered him one. This was a risky decision but it is proving to be worth it.



With a stat line of 13ppg, 4.9rpg, and 2.9apg while shooting 46% he has proven to be a big asset for the Bearcats being their leading scorer along with third in rebounds and second in assists. It's not only his statistical value he brings but also his intensity and competitiveness. All this along with clutch performances. Which was displayed against 10th ranked UCONN where he hit the game winning free throws.



With a 6'5 200 pound frame he is a big guy who can muscle around smaller guards and forwards. This bullying helps him get into the lane and make plays. Although he can't do so as easy in college as high school he can still do it.



This big frame allows him to play multiple positions. He can play point guard if you want the ball in his hands more. He can play the 2 spot or Shooting guard. This would be good to use is scoring ability. He can also play the 3 spot or Small Forward. This can take advantage of his rebounding. It is great to have a guy that can play 3 different positions and this versatility is a great attribute.



He isn't the most athletic guy but like I stated before he is big and strong. He also posses great dribbling ability. He can beat his guy off the dribble with these skills despite lacking great athletic ability. This can also lead to him over dribbling and trying to do too much. Which he often does. Once he gets into the lane he is an excellent finisher. He can make the toughest shots once in the paint. This leads to forcing shots though too. Which he often does. He is also a solid shooter. Even though he isn't lethal he is reliable. So if they sag off he can knock down the jumper.



 He has great skills but he also forces the issue quite a bit. He tends to over-dribble and force things that can stall the offense and hurts the team. But he also makes a lot of good plays.



Don't forget about defense. Often times guys get too caught up in offense and don't try defense. Stephenson is an exception. He may not be a lockdown defender but he is a solid defensive player. He can use his strength to his advantage to keep his man in front of him. He shows some hustle and doesn't slack off on the defensive end, which is important.



His best trait is that he is super competitive and loves to make the big play in the clutch. I watched the McDonald's All-Star game where he participated. He was quiet in the first part but in the last quarter he stepped up. He made big plays and kept his team in it the whole time. He wants to win and it shows through his play down the stretch.



The talent is there but he does need a lot of work. He needs to learn more teamwork and not force the issue. He can be selfish and has had chemistry problems but I think that can improve as he matures and through good coaching.



If that does happen he will be a force in college and will be a solid pro. His stock has weakened due to off court problems but good, unselfish play can help that.... further helping his future.



He has vanished due to off-court problems and other freshman's outstanding play. You may say 'Yeah he's talented but he's not near the level of other guys in his class' but remember he was a top 10 recruit and considered just as good. I believe he is and he is bound to get some more recognition sooner or later. He has been a major asset for Cincinnati and has a bright future.









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It's Not Tiger Woods... It's the Media

People need to leave this guy alone. Yeah it is wrong to cheat on your wife multiple times but do they consider what he's going through right now? It's ridiculous... every time I turn on the TV there is another story about him. Just give him a break and let him and his family deal with it. 


Another thing about the women. It's a bunch of bull coming out two days after the whole thing started. We don't care whether or not you loved him or if he loved you. The only reason you tell the public and media about your 'relationship' is because you want money. It's not just a coincidence that all of these girls are coming out. They want some sort of settlement that involves part of Tiger's paycheck. Some of them might not even be true. Honestly, I could say I slept with Tiger Woods and the media would believe it. The next day in the news it would be: Tiger Woods experiences with other men!!!


I don't think what Tiger did was right... but what the media is doing isn't right either. You don't have to look at him as a role model. Look at him as a sports figure. In 10 years the whole thing will be forgotten anyways. Just look at what happened with Kobe.... half a decade later everyone forgets that it even happened and it is rarely brought up. The only people who bring it up are Kobe haters who want to piss off Lakers fans. But of course the media will have to drag this whole thing out for two to three months. 


Plus, put yourself in Woods' situation. People say: 'Oh but he has a hot wife.... who would cheat on a piece of that?' Well think about it. Tiger Woods is one of the most powerful persons in the world. How many times do you think a girl has come up to him and said: 'I'll do ANYTHING for you Tiger'.... A guy will succumb to that after so many times. Power is an evil thing and once you have too much it can ruin your life as well as the others within it.


We all know that there is a ridiculous number of celebrities and athletes that sleep around like Tiger has done... but it won't be recognized or brought up because Tiger has been caught and they have to make his life a living hell. You could blame that on him too I guess for getting caught but the media has to bring it into such a large focus that no one thinks about all the other 'role models' that do the exact same thing. Which just tarnishes one of the more polished figures in sports. Wilt Chamberlain supposedly slept with 1,000 women but everyone made that sound like an accomplishment. But Tiger sleeps with a supposed 13 women and he should be lashed, thrown in jail, put on death row, and have everything else in his life taken away. Just goes to show you how obsessed the media is.


I'm sick and tired of the media and it is about time that they stop chastising Tiger Woods. Let him move on with his life even though you pretty much ruined it like you have with countless others lives.


Once again I don't support what Tiger has done... but the media has made it that much worse.



Why can't you just go away???Yell

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